About Spiritt

Spiritt grew up in Melbourne Australia and has a Degree in Fashion Technology from R.M.I.T.  She has a backgroun in Fashion Design, Product Development, Visual Merchandising and Events.

She now lives in New York and is a freelance Visual Merchandiser and Interior stylist.

She loves to treasure hunt at Flea Markets and you can find her curated collection on the shop section here.  She is also currently designing and remodelling a 1925 Victorian fixer upper.


About Hello Spiritt

Hello Spiritt began in late 2012 after my move to New York from Melbourne.  It was in the midst of a very cold winter, cooler than anything I had ever known.  But despite the frosty weather the experience was anything but.  I was greeted so warmly by the city and its people.  The constant greetings of “Hello Spiritt” filled me with a sense of excitement and impending adventure.






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