Back in Melbourne

Back in May of this year I was so fortunate to come back home to visit Melbourne.  I actually wrote this post when I was there, so here are some thoughts from back then!

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I’m back in Melbourne and am loving being back!  Just here for a little time before I head to L.A and then back to New York.

Have been so slack with writing this, but being back has been the perfect time to re-calibrate. Mercury retrograde is happening and it’s all about re-thinking, re-doing, re-examining and letting the cogs turn in our minds.  It’s also a time to slow down and since having pulled a leg muscle on Friday the 13th, it seems the universe is giving me no choice!

Since being away (just over 3 years) its so amazing to see how the city grows and changes.  New influences from people and cultures.  Melbourne is definitely something that has changed and evolved.  And as we all get a little bit older, I look around and see how wonderful it is to see my friends change and evolve also.

I have loved catching up with my family and some of my old pals.  Walking the streets that were always so familiar to me, but now have an aura of something new. The cafes with their abundance of different flavours and colors on the plates is so wonderful to see.  The colors are bright and filled with happiness.  Its great to be home.Screenshot 2016-05-14 05.12.59Screenshot 2016-05-14 05.12.36

Screenshot 2016-05-14 05.12.18

Screenshot 2016-05-14 05.13.30

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