Last week I met the most adorable Meatball I have ever seen.
Yes thats right, a golden and totally sweet meatball who quite honestly stole my heart!

Now before you think I’ve gone totally bananas, the picture below will give you a better explanation:
meatball-640 I came across this adorable pup as I was walking down 5th avenue.  He had stopped for a moment, to take in the sights and to tell his owner he wasn’t keen on walking any further.

What he was happy to do however was pose for a photo!


“Make me smile Mondays is inspired by the book “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” by Charles Shultz.  In an effort to keep away Mondayitis, each week I take a leaf out of the book , and apply it to my everyday life.  This acts as a little bit  of inspiration!  See more about it here

Happiness surely is a warm puppy and the wonderful thing about New York is there is a cute dog on every corner!

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